ma wee love

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

So, you have found yourself somehow at my journal.  Hello there.
It's hard to sum yourself up in a few sentences, but I'll try, and you can decide if you want to read about my life :)

I'm a 32 year old single lady, living in Glasgow - Scotland's biggest city - with my wee cat, Ella.
I talk about her sometimes, I talk about my day to day life a lot, my job, nights out and friends; a lot of the time also I talk about my complete lack of a love life and terrible luck with men.
I talk about whatever I might be feeling strongly about at the time.
Some entries are bascially streams of consciousness.

I like punctuation and grammar, I like stationery.
I love music - specifcally rock, metal and classical.  I love all music, except current pop music (with a few exceptions) and also repetitive trance/dance/happy hardcore etc.  This will make me sound old but (I don't care) "that's not music, that's noise!"
I love movies and the outdoors and painting my nails; I love animals and cannot cope with animal abuse stories, they hurt my soul and make me want to cry.
I don't agree with animal testing in any way, under any circumstances.
I love this song; I think all women should listen to it and live by it.

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Hi found you through add_me we have a few things in common so... add_me?
Well your journal title is lyrics from that awesome Journey song, so clearly you're cool :) Added!
Re: Hi there
I'm glad my username makes you smile. That's nice, thanks :)

I like to think I am decent and rational, and my journal is pretty active, so yay! Let's be friends.
To be honest, the age of a journal doesn't bother me - many people have left and come back, I did too at one point so that's cool!

Welcome to my lj, I hope you'll enjoy it.
nice to meet you! I'm Hanni, I'm 32, female, and I live in Finland. We seem to share some interests, want to be friends? I have a public journal, you're welcome to have a look.
Hi! I saw your add-me post and think we'd get along well (you had me at the no trump supporters bit) :D . I'm also in my 30s, very liberal, anti-bigotry/trump, no qualms there. I write about my day, life, observations, philosophical musings, whatever. My interests are pretty varied, especially in terms of music also. I agree about the India Arie song, it's been awhile since I listened to it so thanks for sharing it here. I'm adding you! :D.